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I am a Wedding Videographer based in Los Angeles and I make authentic and emotion driven films for artistically minded couples.

Our approach bridges the gap between editorial and photo journalistic. Real moments, captured elegantly by us, powered by you guys.

Just a camera and a lens. No huge teams, rigs or massive cameras. No silly posing, just subtle and natural direction. Simplicity rules.

Our wedding videos are original, journalistic, visually striking and artistic. Whether your Wedding is in California, Mexico, or abroad, I will work to craft a beautiful, one-of-a-kind wedding film of your special event.

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Baja Wedding At Quinta Arratz, A Destination Wedding

Wonderful Wedding in Baja, CA, Mexico in the Valle de Guadalupe

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Beautiful Wedding In Bixby Knolls, Long Beach

A Wedding at the Los Cerritos Ranch, Bixby Knolls. Zac & Kirra Forever.

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A Mexican Wedding at The Fillmore on Central

Rafa & Lupe’s Wedding in Fillmore, CA. The Fillmore on Central.

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Engagement at Yosemite National Park

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What kind of Wedding Videographer are you?

The term that best describes what I go for in documenting the day is classic reportage or a modern editorial, as I want to offer as little guidance or direction to your actions or sequences. Discreet is the keyword.

If you’ve taken the time to see any of my work, you’ll see that I’m not the Wedding Videographer that does a bright and airy style of video. You wont see much posing or scripting, and you’ll see very minimal drone footage (if any at all). I make moody films.

I am a Wedding Videographer for people who don’t want to pose or script anything intimate. I will be discreet, carry minimal equipment, and for most of the day, your Wedding guests likely won’t be aware that you even hired Me.

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Some FAQs

In the Wedding Industry a ‘Cinematic’ style film really just means it’s shot in a wide-open aperture so it has more ‘bokeh’ (blurred backgrounds), maybe a little color graded to resemble an older film like quality, or it could just be a music video with some moving camera sequences. Either way, it’s more a standard term in today’s industry and shouldn’t be taken that seriously. On the other hand, the term applies well as the filmmaker often delivers a product that incases all the things cinema demands: a score, lighting techniques, narrative, moving sequences, real-life characters, and more. 

Here, as a Wedding Videographer for this business, Cinematic means “engaging, beautiful, and entertaining.” Those are the films I make.

It means I will be documenting what I see, and not what I control. I will shoot your wedding the same way a journalist documents a story, almost unseen. I will not get in your way, control any of the sequences of the wedding day, or pose you or your family in any way. I will simply shoot what I see and edit it in a tasteful manner of which you can be proud to display.

Yes, absolutely. Though I am based in Southern California I would 100% want to come to film your wedding wherever you are. Simply contact me, and we can have a chat and see if it works for all of us. After that, we film your love story.

Kind Words

Priscilla Stenzinger
Priscilla Stenzinger@prose_zinger
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Ricky was the best surprise wedding videographer hand-picked by our incredible photographer. We never met him nor did we tell him what we wanted or needed in our video. Truly, we didn’t know how good of hands we were in until we saw the 30 second teaser and I was in a puddle of tears of utter happiness.
To be able to tell a story that evokes such strong emotion in a wedding video is a gift. Most wedding videos are sweet and beautiful but Ricky’s video captured personal moments with sentimentality that is rare to find.
The video was never cheesy, never flashy, never wannabe “Vogue”, swoopy, nor trying to be too artsy or trendy. Also, I’m so glad my voice was not on that video and I’m so relieved Ricky took that risk to go a little off the usual script and was able to tell a compelling story.

Thank you Ricky for your editing and story-telling magic and professionalism.
Anyone interested in hiring this man, do not hesitate. Book him now! You won’t be disappointed.
Diana Morataya Demeke
Diana Morataya Demeke@_dianademeke
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I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding videographer.
Ricky made my husband and I feel comfortable from the start to the end. He captured every moment I wanted and even the ones I didn’t plan for. I love that I can relive my wedding by watching the video.

Easy to work and communicate with. Incredible job!
Kathryn Montgomery
Kathryn Montgomery@_k.athryn_
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My wife & I had a small wedding ceremony in December on a small beach in Newport. We weren’t sure that we wanted to include a wedding photographer, but I’m so glad that we did! Ricky is incredibly professional- he arrived on time, he was communicative before & after the event, & he captured our small day so beautifully.
He was able to catch every moment, from when I teared up seeing my mom on Zoom to the joy on our faces after saying “I do.” We had the fully finished photos within 2 weeks & they were all amazing.

I don’t write reviews often, but I felt this one is especially deserved. Ricky is a wonderful photographer who is very dedicated to his craft & I’m so grateful for his work.