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Aliso Viejo Country Club, Briseño Wedding Film

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Joseph & Anjelica

It’s always an honor to be invited to a wedding, let alone, being the person who documents it; I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for entrusting me with this lifetime opportunity. 

I hope this wedding film will allow you to relive every special moment for years to come. 

A very special thanks to both of you for also allowing another private session to complete the video that a rainy day may have otherwise robbed us of in extra shots with an actual sky. That sky lantern was a game-changer and compliments an already great film, so thanks for that. You two took a chance with me on it and for that, I’ll always be grateful.

Best wishes, you two. See you in church 😉 

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Hello, and welcome to my site. My name is Ricky and I am a full-time creative. I shoot wedding films, do photography, build websites, and all other kinds of creative stuff but weddings are by far my favorite bits to work. I am from Los Angeles and currently reside in Orange County, CA with my wife, Deelisa, and our beautiful daughter, Elia.

Priscilla Stenzinger
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Ricky was the best surprise videographer hand-picked by our incredible photographer. We never met him nor did we tell him what we wanted or needed in our video. Truly, we didn’t know how good of hands we were in until we saw the 30 second teaser and I was in a puddle of tears of utter happiness.
To be able to tell a story that evokes such strong emotion in a wedding video is a gift. Most wedding videos are sweet and beautiful but Ricky’s video captured personal moments with sentimentality that is rare to find.
The video was never cheesy, never flashy, never wannabe “Vogue”, swoopy, nor trying to be too artsy or trendy. Also, I’m so glad my voice was not on that video and I’m so relieved Ricky took that risk to go a little off the usual script and was able to tell a compelling story.

Thank you Ricky for your editing and story-telling magic and professionalism.
Anyone interested in hiring this man, do not hesitate. Book him now! You won’t be disappointed.

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