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Engagement At Yosemite

An Engagement at Yosemite

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Rami + Tru

A few facts about this Engagement at Yosemite: 
– It was a surprise engagement.
– I had to disguise myself like your run-of-the-mill Dad photographer who carries equipment he probably doesn’t know how to use.
– It was Rami’s 23rd Birthday.
– Tru and Rami have been dating for five years (though Rami makes it sound wayyyyy longer than that, haha).
– The weather didn’t permit for us to grab more photos and lots of the historic sites were hidden, thanks to small forest fires and clouds.
– Rami was trying to give Tru a kiss on the cheek and accidentally spit on him, lol

Thank you for letting me and Deelisa join you guys, to witness and document this special occasion. 

Can’t wait to shoot your Wedding. 

Engagement in Yosemite

Download Images and Video here.

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