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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cinematic wedding film?

In the Wedding Industry a ‘Cinematic’ style film really just means it’s shot in a wide-open aperture so it has more ‘bokeh’ (blurred backgrounds), maybe a little color graded to resemble an older film like quality, or it could just be a music video with some moving camera sequences. Either way, it’s more a standard term in today’s industry and shouldn’t be taken that seriously. On the other hand, the term applies well as the filmmaker often delivers a product that incases all the things cinema demands: a score, lighting techniques, narrative, moving sequences, real-life characters, and more. It should be engaging, beautiful, and entertaining.

Do you film weddings outside of California?

Absolutely. Charges may apply. While I try to keep it simple and handle all of the itinerary for the travel, I will increase the given price of any package (while it won’t be thousands $$$ on top, at the very least to cover airfare and hotel).

What do you mean when you say you film in a 'Classic Reportage' or 'Modern Editorial' style?

It means I will be documenting what I see, and not what I control. I will shoot your wedding the same way a journalist documents a story, almost unseen. I will not get in your way, control any of the sequences of the wedding day, or pose you or your family in any way. I will simply shoot what I see and edit it in a tasteful manner of which you can be proud to display.

Do you use a drone when filming a wedding?

I do from time-to-time, depending on scenery and time allotted for this. I am a minimalist at heart so you’ll perhaps notice one or two drone shots in a wedding film doing the very least amount of droning. If it’s important to you and you want it in your film, just ask.

How are our films sent to us?

I always release the gallery with the highlight film in it first. This way you and your family have a way to view it together, or separately. I will not always post my work to social media, but if I should choose to, it will only be after you have viewed the highlight first.

Afterwards, I will send you a cloud folder from which you can download all of your files. If preferred, we can also deliver your films via a USB Flash Drive, and also via Motion Book.

Do you come to the wedding rehearsal?

Normally, no. There is an option in my ‘Add-Ons’ to have me at your rehearsal (or family brunch, gathering, etc.) before the day of the wedding. I will attend a rehearsal gathering when traveling to film a destination wedding since I am already in town, and it would be a help to gather extra content when possible. 

Do you offer raw footage in any of your packages?

I don’t. You can purchase the footage for additional costs, though I don’t often recommend it as it’s shot in a pro-log format so it appears murky, grey, shaky, and uncolored. There are several steps involved with taking footage from a camera and turning it into viewable content. Wedding Filmmakers also shoot in short bursts of 3-7 seconds per clip as well. 

How long does a film take to complete?

Creating a film to the standard we produce takes time so we aim to have the film ready within 8 – 10 weeks of your wedding date. We don’t want to rush our edits, we spend the time carefully crafting your wedding film to ensure we create the best wedding video possible. 

We do offer a quicker turnaround that comes at an additional cost. See our Price Sheet for that additional cost.

How long will my wedding film be?

The main highlight is about 4-7 minutes long. This wedding film will also include music, audio narrative (ceremony and speeches), bridal preparations, reception, and dances, etc. 

If you opt for the documentary video edit, it typically runs for anywhere from 15-20 minutes. This covers the beginning of the day with the Bride getting ready, the family arrival, the ceremony, and the reception and party. It is edited in chronological order. This long-form video will include a little of everything, including speeches and dances. 

Speeches are included and will be delivered as separate files.

First Dance is included as well and will be delivered as separate files.

Do you film the Bridal & Groom preparations?

Due to time constraints on the day, I often find myself choosing to document the Bridal prep as this is a staple of the Wedding Film itself. Because I am unable to be in two places at once, I prioritize the Bride’s time. Should the Groom do his prep in the same Hotel or neighboring room or building, I will document him, but only in such cases.

Can I choose the music to my own wedding film?

Sure! If you should choose to use a commercial song but not license it (which would be quite a few bucks to license), it would be likely that this film would be for your private viewing only and not to be posted online. 
Note: The Short Form Video is done for Social Media display, and since this also helps my business it is possible that I will edit a version for you and a version for my business that does not include the music you may have requested. 

Do you meet with us before booking?

Yes! Because hiring a wedding filmmaker can be a bit daunting (since it’s likely your first [and possibly your last] time doing it) it’s always best to have a facetime call to meet one another and see if I am a fit for you two. Once booked we may have several web calls to go over the plans and layout of your wedding day. I may also ask that you connect me with your Planner or Go-to person for the event so we can be better synced so your film is its absolute best.

What equipment do you use?

We shoot with Sony Professional Cinematic Camera Equipment. We film in full HD 1080p (4k carries additional costs). We use more than one camera to ensure wide coverage of events at your wedding.

During the ceremony and speeches, we will either attach a discreet lapel mic (cordless) to our speakers or record directly from the PA soundboard if the option is available. We will work to make sure we get the best sound recording possible.

What do I do if I want to book my wedding videographer today?

That would be amazing. Please get in touch through our Reservation Form to see if your date is available on our schedule. We’ll send an agreement form. A non-refundable deposit of $500 will need to be put down to reserve the date. No deposit, no date.