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Gonzalez Wedding At The Fillmore On Central

Gonzalez Wedding At The Fillmore On Central

The Fillmore On Central

We’re back from the Fillmore On Central. I shot a Wedding Film here in January of 2022 (thanks for the invite, Michael) and produced one of my best Wedding Films to date (see it here); so to be back at this historic site in one of the best small towns I’ve ever been to (they have one grocery store in the whole town) and get to work with the crew at the Fillmore again was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday with Rafa and Lupe, the couple at the center of this film.

Lupe Martinez, Top Star Floral

I wasn’t actually hired by the couple, but I’d like to think that I almost was. Almost counts, too, right? I had first received an email from Lupe shortly after publishing my first Wedding Film from the Fillmore in January and as I read it, sent from her work email, I immediately assumed she was a vendor searching for a Videographer for a client, so I responded with that assumption and that was the end of the email chat. I hope I don’t make that mistake again, for the sake of my own business. I was hired by Michael, again, to accompany him on this shoot for Lupe’s actual wedding (and not for a client of hers) and was shocked when I got there to see the floral layout and knew just at a glance that A LOT of work went into the floral arrangements and I commented on it, only to be told by her Wedding Planner that this wedding was FOR the Floral Vendor I had received an inquiry from. I laughed, remembering our short email. I should’ve known better.

Images provided by Michael Ares Photography

Nestled in the heart of downtown Fillmore, California, The Fillmore on Central is a historic wedding venue. Over 100 years old, this picturesque property boasts Mission-style architecture and still retains many of its original features. The venue is designed for an unforgettable occasion within a storied and serene setting.

The Fillmore on Central provides an array of indoor and outdoor spaces; you’ll appreciate the views, that of a Spanish-tile roofline complimented by pepper trees and lavender, the chance to exchange your vows in the sunshine surrounded by your nearest and dearest. The Sanctuary can host up to 500 guests for a seated affair. This room boasts many historic accents such as mission-style doors, stained-glass windows, and 40-foot hand-painted timber ceiling beams. The large windows within this space allow natural light to grace this space and illuminate celebrations held within. Original oak flooring, a 20-foot stained glass window, and elegant chandeliers further add to the historic ambiance of this space. The prep rooms for both the bride and the groom are an identical make, so no one gets left out. 

Images provided by Michael Ares Photography

Authentic | Mi Gente

It’s not every month that I get to shoot a wedding in any other language but English. I loved the vibes at this Gonzalez wedding. The care and respect for the elders, as is very prominent among our folks, those in Mexico, is probably what stayed with me the most. Watching Rafa’s Father help him get ready, the kiss on the cheek, it was moving for me, and I’m not likely to forget it anytime soon. I liked connecting with Rafa about how both of our Fathers were from Michoacan, and even though I didn’t know what city my Dad was from (I think I lost some points here) but I rolled with it regardless since I was actually happy to get a new format, something different than the standard American wedding. Sure, it had all the fixings of your normal wedding, but when the Mexican side showed itself, it was a thing of beauty. A banda even showed up, making little use of all the DJ equipment for most of the reception, and they went HARD!

Thats Two Weddings at The Fillmore this Year. I'll be back.

A huge thank you to the Gonzalez and Martinez Family for Letting us document your Wedding.

Venue: The Fillmore On Central

Florist: Top Star Floral

Hair & Makeup: DCOR Artistry

DJ: Eddie Solis (DJ SOLO)

Mariachi Band: Banda Le Venenosa

Photographer: Michael Ares

2nd Photographer: Bethany Sachs


Hello, and welcome to my site. My name is Ricky and I am a full-time creative. I shoot wedding films, do photography, build websites, and all other kinds of creative stuff but weddings are by far my favorite bits to work. I am from Los Angeles and currently reside in Orange County, CA with my wife, Deelisa, and our beautiful daughter, Elia.

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Ricky was the best surprise videographer hand-picked by our incredible photographer. We never met him nor did we tell him what we wanted or needed in our video. Truly, we didn’t know how good of hands we were in until we saw the 30 second teaser and I was in a puddle of tears of utter happiness.
To be able to tell a story that evokes such strong emotion in a wedding video is a gift. Most wedding videos are sweet and beautiful but Ricky’s video captured personal moments with sentimentality that is rare to find.
The video was never cheesy, never flashy, never wannabe “Vogue”, swoopy, nor trying to be too artsy or trendy. Also, I’m so glad my voice was not on that video and I’m so relieved Ricky took that risk to go a little off the usual script and was able to tell a compelling story.

Thank you Ricky for your editing and story-telling magic and professionalism.
Anyone interested in hiring this man, do not hesitate. Book him now! You won’t be disappointed.

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