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Photo Booth

All photo booths are not created equal. I made sure before I built my own setup that I wanted to use my knowledge of photography and lighting to make a photo booth with incredible quality. 

A photo booth is a welcomed treat at any festive occasion. It’s what we call an “icebreaker.” It plays host to lots of your guests, allows for keepsakes to be documented, and because of our high-quality photo booth images, your guests are very likely to remember this part of your event. 

With no walls, our open-air photo booth invites your guests to have their portraits taken; its unique feature of allowing guests to observe others having a great time inside the booth lends an interactive and attention-grabbing quality to this style.

Portrait Style, Bright, & Classy

Our photo booth departs from the ordinary with its absence of props, wide-angle lens, and vibrant backgrounds. We’ve designed it to seamlessly complement the elegance of your event. Our booth is configured for capturing timeless portraits against a pristine white backdrop, producing exquisite black and white images that harmonize perfectly with your aesthetics.

Average Price: $500

Servicing Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego County

We don’t have different packages, just a good photo booth. Our setup is an open-air photo booth, meaning there’s no actual booth (but we still call it such for some reason that we’re not looking to change anytime soon), and can accommodate many people at a time should you choose to capture in land-scape mode, and makes for easy setup in any corner of the room.

Note: Due to shipping shortages, I’m unable to offer print at this time.

• Two-hour minimum for any event
• Will travel within 50 miles (added charge beyond that)
• Online showcase for you and your friends, for easy viewing and downloading.

FAQs: Our Photo Booth

It’s simple: stand in front of it and push the button on the screen and that’s it. The booth will do the rest.

Yes, we require a 50% non-refundable retainer fee and a signed contract to secure the date. The remaining balance is due at least 14 days prior to the event.

Why non-refundable? In the photography world, our bread and butter comes down to dates. When we hold a date for a customer we are sometimes closing doors on other events that may (or may not) render a higher payout. We don’t explore those options once we secure a date for your party. In the event that your gathering is cancelled, we’ve already closed the doors on other opportunities. This is why deposits are so important. 

Nope!  You and your guests can take as many photos as you like. The more the better! Please encourage your guests to step into our booth and smile for the camera.

We will need a standard power outlet within 15 feet of the booth and if outdoors, power outlet, a sheltered area and level ground.

For best lighting, we prefer not to be in direct sunlight so the flash can do it’s job.

It’s simple, we have a 2 hour minimum for each event. That’s $500. Every hour after that is just an additional $125.

After your event there’ll be a page designated specially for your event where your guests can view their images and download in their full quality. We aren’t using webcams for our photos so you can expect to get the highest quality in terms of photo resolution.