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A Wedding At Avensole Winery, Temecula

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The Couple

First, I want to thank Diana and Matthew for letting me document your story of the first day of your lives together. What a beautiful story, just a tremendous gift to me as a storyteller to be a fly on the wall. I was watching love, hearing personalized vowels, seeing the acceptance and shared joy of two families from very different parts of the world at a venue that I could call perfectly manicured. A wedding at Avensole Winery, what a gem. Avensole Winery is spaced beautifully and designed for the special events that couples gladly hope to book their once-in-a-lifetime day.

Diana, thank you for your vote of confidence in my work, for letting me do what I love, and for trusting that it would be memorable. 
Jenny, Amner, thank you for every second of help you offered, keeping me informed while your sister planned her wedding day. 

Filming The Day

If you’ve watched any of my films, it isn’t hard to see that I don’t shoot the bright and airy style you’ve probably seen littering your Pinterest and other social feeds. One word I’ve heard used to describe my editing and shooting style is “moody.” When I look over my films and hear that ambient soundtrack that is constantly building, slowly if at all, a gradual increase that will eventually come crashing on a beautiful dance scene, it instantly transforms the film from slow and moody to immediate joy. The secret, for me at least, is to watch the pace of the edit. I don’t mean the pace at which I am editing but rather the speed of the film itself as it gets easier and easier just to build up, and before you know it, you need something to slow the audience’s brain down a bit so they can take it all in.

Watch carefully, and you’ll see that I may use still frames or even drone footage to slow the pace a bit, almost as if I’m introducing a new chapter or a restart. I want my couple (and their friends and family) to enjoy every second, carefully selecting every frame to create a better watching experience.

Another point to make is that none of the bits you see in the footage have been staged but were documented live as they were happening. This is the meaning of shooting in a journalistic manner so that only authenticity is captured. I don’t shoot dress details or tux’s on a hanger in a fashion that looks like it belongs in a magazine– I leave all of that to the photographer and only focus on the story of people, not things.

Images provided by Alex and Jana Photography

A Wedding At The Avensole Winery

When you first arrive at the Avensole Winery (Temecula), you have to remind yourself that you’re still in California, as it feels much further than that. This wedding Venue sits on 15 acres of beautiful rustic land and what seems like endless rows of vines. It’s absolutely an unforgettable setting for your celebration. It comes with manicured gardens, ponds with lily pads, fountains, and country club-style buildings.

It’s a good day’s work for any wedding photographer or videographer with all the selections and possibilities. Weddings at Avensole Winery are a sophisticated event.

Images provided by Alex and Jana Photography

The Real Thing

I’ve been fortunate enough to see these two at a distance, and it’s always been easy to identify that they are legitimately in love with one another. I’ve known Diana (or Miss Diana) for years, so it’s always great to see a person you know elevate to another level of life after five years of cultivating a relationship they knew would last forever. Again, what a gift to me as a storyteller.
So many beautiful highlights throughout the day, but for me, the thing that took the cake was watching Matthew’s Elders take over the dance floor with familiar tunes from their homeland (Ethiopia) playing over the hall. These folks could dance!

Thank you to the families for the invite and to the staff at Avensole Winery for the hospitality.

Venue: Avensole Winery
Hair and Makeup: @riri_roya
Dress by Mariposa Bridal Boutique
Photography: Alex and Jana Photo


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Priscilla Stenzinger
Priscilla Stenzinger@prose_zinger
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Ricky was the best surprise videographer hand-picked by our incredible photographer. We never met him nor did we tell him what we wanted or needed in our video. Truly, we didn’t know how good of hands we were in until we saw the 30 second teaser and I was in a puddle of tears of utter happiness.
To be able to tell a story that evokes such strong emotion in a wedding video is a gift. Most wedding videos are sweet and beautiful but Ricky’s video captured personal moments with sentimentality that is rare to find.
The video was never cheesy, never flashy, never wannabe “Vogue”, swoopy, nor trying to be too artsy or trendy. Also, I’m so glad my voice was not on that video and I’m so relieved Ricky took that risk to go a little off the usual script and was able to tell a compelling story.

Thank you Ricky for your editing and story-telling magic and professionalism.
Anyone interested in hiring this man, do not hesitate. Book him now! You won’t be disappointed.

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